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End of Year Update!!

We have been very busy in these last few months adopting out Martin and Jennie, Chance and Hope!

We are happy to report that our seniors, Martin and Jennie, are living their best life in VA Beach and North Carolina. Their parents report that they are healthy and happy and Martin loves to play with his toys like a puppy!! His mum, Karen, says that they have a box of 25 toys and he loves to take them and toss them around the house. She usually picks up 9 in the morning alone!

Chance found his forever home in Chesapeake, VA with his foster parents who fell in love with him. Our favorite little guy just stole his parents' hearts!! Congratulations to all!

Hope was also adopted and living the lake life at Lake Anna, VA with her Mom, Ann. She has acres and acres to run around in and help Ann with her gardening!

Update on Charity, now Molly! She is enjoying life her brother Cavalier and her new parents. She also gets the occasional ice cream treat too!

Update on Helix! He lives in Liverpool, NY with his new family and has become the caretaker of his older "sister" Cavalier as well as the neighborhood favorite! He loves to cuddle on the couch with his Mom and Dad, but also is an active boy who runs about two miles a day!

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