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Lola is a lover!! Are you the right one for her?

Lola is a 6-month-old, super sweet and playful Cavapoo. She’s been a loving addition to her foster’s home with 2 cavaliers (one age 10, the other age 2).

Lola plays well with other small dogs and is never aggressive. She eats well and likes to snack on puppy beef jerky and other healthy treats.

Housebreaking is going very well and she’s a pro at using puppy pads. To help with house training, she sleeps in the crate at night with a comfy pillow.

Lola has a quiet and peaceful temperament and plays well with people and children. She’s not a barker, but can “yap” in excitement at times.

Lola enjoys car rides, but be careful not to feed her immediately before the ride. She’s a good listener and is doing well with practicing commands like “Sit,” “stay” and “lay down.”

Lola walks well on a leash but will need more practice to affirm “walking without pulling” and “waiting” before walking out a door. Lola will be a loving addition to any home.

If you think you would be a good match for Lola, please email for an application.

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