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Mateo is looking for new mates--playmates that is!

Hi everybody! I’m Mateo, a four-month-old Cavapoo which means I’m 1/2 Cavalier and 1/2 Poodle and I love everyone I meet. I don’t know about that math stuff but I am 100% PUPPY!

My foster mom says I am very clever and smart because I can escape my enclosure and almost never stop looking for things to play with. She is teaching me the word “tinkle” and whenever I do it outside, she gets all excited and gives me a treat! I must be doing good because yesterday I didn’t tinkle in the house even one time!

My foster mom says I still don’t seem the get the idea of sleeping in a doggie bed and she took a couple of pictures to “blackmail” me with. But I do a great job of curling up inside my toy box even if it is a little lumpy!

I have learned to “sit” and am working on “down” but it is hard because I get so excited for my treat! My foster brother and I love to play, wrestle, and chase each other so I would love to have a real brother or sister in my new home. I hope we get to meet and you will adopt me so you can teach me all about the world and love each other forever!

If you think you are a good match for Mateo, email us at for an application.

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