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Cammie is looking for her forever home....

Cammie is a sweet and special girl who has come so far in her 3 months with us! She's come out of her shell and shows more personality each week, but has obviously experienced trauma in her past. She remains skittish and flinches at sudden movements, but is very curious about everything and especially loves being part of a pack of dogs.

She loves laps and getting pet, but won't volunteer - once she's picked up and put in place, she melts into you and won't leave your side. She seems playful but doesn't know how to interact with people, dogs, or toys.

She is not housebroken or leash-trained, but showing signs of improvement there with treat training. She enjoys being outside and would do best in a fenced yard.

Cammie LOVES food and is highly food motivated. She gets very excited about her meals and stays very close during dinnertime preparations.

Cammie shows zero aggression towards people or animals, no destructive behavior, and very little barking. Her response to almost everything is to cower, then lean in for closer sniffs or investigation as warranted.

She does well in the car, in the crate, and even in a carry bag.

Cammie needs a patient, quiet household with other dogs and a fenced-in yard.

Home type: Quiet

How many people/pets live in the foster home: 2 adults, no kids, 2 permanent dogs

How long is your foster left alone: 2-3 hours at a time, 2-3 times per week, confined in a crate. No barking or issues with crating.

Does your Foster have any problems riding in the car? No, she lays down and is quiet for the duration of the trip.

What commands does your Foster know? Her name, come.

Where does your Foster dog not like to be touched? Reaching for her (especially from the front or above) and first touches can cause her to cower or flinch, but she quickly warms up to pets and doesn't seem to have any areas to avoid.

How does your Foster play? Sprinting/prancing in the yard or across the room. She shows interest in balls and squeaky toys but doesn't seem to know how to play with them yet.

Is your Foster frightened of anything? Yes, people and being reached for. She's very curious about her environment and stays cautious, but doesn't usually run away or hide.

Where does your Foster sleep at night? In her crate.

Housebroken? No. She turns in tight circles 5-10 seconds before pottying but doesn't ask to go outside.

Do you think you are a match for Cammie, email us at and ask for an adoption application and your interest in Cammie.

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1 Comment

Cammie did a stop here on her way to her foster home. She is a sweetheart. She needs time to learn how to be a dog again, after her years of confinement, but I can tell is eager to please. While I think she would be fine having all the attention to herself, she was starting to warm up to her foster siblings, with co-snuggling and attempts to play. With patience, she was also getting more accepting of being reached for and pet...she discovered that special spot behind the ears ;) I cannot wait to see her get the perfect forever home!

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