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Charity has learned stairs!!

We are so excited to share that Charity can now go downstairs as well as climb them! She loves her snowman "baby" and carries him around with her. Her personality is starting to show, she can be very stubborn when it come to following directions and we have reason to believe that she is deaf. She responds to visual cues, but when she wants to do something, she likes to pretend she doesn't see you!!

Her appetite is terrific and she was introduced to bully sticks yesterday and absolutely loves them! She also loves carrots as snacks, which is good, because she needs to lose a few pounds.

She gets along with her foster sisters and brother and we think she looks at Daisy as one of her babies. She tends to follow Daisy around the house and yard. She also loves the trail in the back woods!

We have a vet appointment next week and will schedule her spay. Stay tuned for more updates!

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