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Charity is here!!!

We don't know a lot about Charity's background, other than she is a former mill mama. She loves to collect stuffed animals and bring them into her crate. She loves her "babies". She seems to have trouble hearing, although she responds to visual cues. She got a LONG bath last night, as she was stained with urine and had lots of mats we had to shave out.

In just a short time--like less than 24 hours--she has learned to climb stairs, she needs help getting down. She decided that she would find out what that strange green stuff is on the ground and took a break long enough for us to get a glamour shot.

She isn't quite sure about her foster brother and sisters. She seems to be very protective of her space and her "babies". But here is a picture of her and Piper after her bath last night.

On the agenda for this week, get to visit our vet, Dr. Christina Hayes, at Manakin-Sabot Vet Clinic and get up to date on vaccines and get a real spa day at Petsmart. Follow Charity on her journey to her forever home.

Special thanks to our first donor, John R. Spinella, who got to name Charity. We welcome donations to cover pups in our care.

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