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Charity on her first leash walk!

Charity went on her first leash walk today and did great. She's a little stubborn and wants to go her own way versus the way Mommy wants to go. With her being deaf she can only see our visual cues and sometimes that's hard on a walk. She followed her foster brother, Parker, and took most of her cues from him. She's got some pounds to lose so these walks will be good for her.

A couple of other firsts this week: she learned to climb the stairs to sit on the couch and she also is sleeping in the big bed with her foster siblings. She is much happier--and quieter--on the big bed.

We have our first vet appointment next week and are scheduled for a spay in June. Hopefully she won't go into heat before her spay. Stay tuned for more adventures in Charityland.

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