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Emily, the perfect catch!!

Emily will be available after November 2, 2023.

Emily is a sweet, affectionate, petite tricolor girl weighing in at 16 pounds and is 6 years old. Her personality is starting to shine through the trauma she endured as a mill mama.

Emily is doing well with leash walking and loves other dogs.

She follows foster Mom everywhere. She loves to sit near her foster mom or her foster siblings. She loves being a pack member but we think she’d also be great as an only dog.

She’s potty trained and is gaining trust and confidence every day. She is really good at giving signs that she needs to go out.

She loves toys, especially squeaky ones. She gets along well with other dogs and is very curious.

Emily is pretty laid back and easy except for her penchant for stealing! She loves to stealthily grab tissues, socks, and anything not nailed down with her teeth and drag them to her bed.

She does have a grade 2 murmur on her left side that does not require any meds at this time. She has normal rhythm/pulses.

She is being fostered in the Frederick, Maryland area.

Are you the right person for Emily? Please contact us at and ask for an application.

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