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Life in Charityland

We know it's been awhile since we posted about life in Charityland, so much has happened with her progress. She has been adjusting to "civilian life" quite well. She walks really well on the leash and sometimes can be a bit stubborn as to which direction she wants to go versus where Mommy wants to go. She definitely needs a forever home with a fenced in yard because she is deaf and if given the chance, will wander off. The plus side of multiple walks a day--losing some weight. She clocked in at 29 pounds at her first vet visit, but we estimate that she has lost 3 pounds. She is a larger boned Cavalier to match her larger than life personality.

She eats well and loves her carrots as treats. She rides in car without an issue, but will bark if you get out of the car to pump gas. She will bark because she is worried you are leaving her behind. She is now at the river cottage and is enjoying herself, but hasn't yet gotten in the boat. The big news is that she has taught herself how to use the double dog door! Uh oh!

She is still working on her potty training, Mommy has her on a schedule, but sometimes Charity likes to change it up. Again, a home with a doggie door and a fenced in yard is a necessity for her to be successful. Other dogs for her to hang out with are a must, she follows her foster siblings and learns from them.

She likes to lay next you on the couch, not on you, but next to you. She loves to sleep in the big bed and sleeps through the night. She also has found that she loves duck feet and bully sticks. Mommy loves to see her acting like a dog and enjoying a good chew. She still likes her toys, she puts them all over the house, but she doesn't snuggle with them in the crate anymore--in fact she avoids the crate now. She is free.

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