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Lily Update!!

Lily is a former puppy mill mama who came to Cavalier Rescue Coalition in January 2023 and has been fostered in Northern Virginia since February 2023.

She is a beautiful Blenheim and is about 5-1/2 years old with a sweet smile. She is bright and inquisitive learning how our house works and new routines. She follows us whenever we get up to see what’s up. She needs a forever home that can focus on her transition to the “good life” with or without other dogs.

The trauma that Lily has endured is unimaginable and she needs the right home to help continue her transition from mill dog to treasured pup.

She loves to be outside in our fenced-in yard with her foster sister and three brother Cavaliers and is great with neighbors and their kids and dogs.

She is food / treat motivated and is improving with her confidence in this new life. She will come to us for pets outside but can be hand-shy inside unless she initiates it. But she will come to us inside, especially if there is a treat involved!

She is very skittish if we try to harness her

and when you attach a leash she refuses to move, so she is not leash-trained yet. She is housebroken and will stare at you when she needs to go out.

Lily is somewhat crate-dependent here. It was her safe place upon arrival. Her crate stays open 24/7 except when we leave the house for short periods.

She also gets fed in the crate so our other dogs do not try to steal her food or bother her.

Medically, Lily has a grade 2 murmur and grade 2 and 3 patellas. Our vet has not recommended further medical intervention on the patellas or the murmur. They just need to be watched for future issues. Her fosters have seen no evidence of knee problems as she climbs up a long staircase to the deck so she has gotten stronger over time. She doesn’t like going down that long staircase yet. She had an annual exam in February and is current on all shots.

Because of Lily's needs, we will only be considering experienced homes for her without young children and a fenced-in yard. If you are a first-time dog adopter, Lily is not the right fit for you.

Are you the right person for Lily? Please contact us at and ask for an application.

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