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March has been a busy month!

We've welcomed in Cooper, the 14 week old Blenheim boy with an open fontanelle and we've welcomed in Coz, an owner surrender who has been adopted.

Stella has been adopted and is loving her new life with her pink puff bed and her canine brothers. She loves to play with other dogs and it has been wonderful to see her transition from the mill life to the good life.

Lily is still with us and being fostered in NoVA. She is still very wary of humans and will be in foster care until she has learned to trust humans. One can only imagine her trauma from being a mill mama. Luna is still in foster care and has luxating patellas. We are trying to see how much surgery will cost and if it is medically necessary. Luna is pictured below on the left side of the picture.

We've got incoming pups that we will post about when they arrive. One has SM and we will need donations for her care. We will be seeking a home with experience with neuro issues for her.

We have had zero interest in Nino and are quite surprised! Nino definitely needs a home with older children (think teens) or no children. His guarding issues are being dealt with in foster care and he needs a strong owner who can reinforce the training that he has received in foster care.

We are always looking for foster homes and transportation help. Please email us at for a volunteer application.

Please consider donating to Cavalier Rescue Coalition to help us with the rapidly rising medical costs involved in rescue. We have a PayPal button on our website for donations and we are a 501C3 organization. If you would like to send a check, you can send it to Cavalier Rescue Coalition, Inc. 2422 Bridgewater Drive, Maidens, VA 23102.

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