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Martin and Jennie, seniors who need a second chance!

Hi, we are Jennie and Martin, two bonded siblings who lost our people because they had to go into skilled nursing care. We came to foster care in September

after a long road trip from New York. We were a couple of tired, stiff, 11 1/2-year-old seniors. Fast forward to today and we are running and loving life!

We love our food, so a strict diet is in order (Martin had previously been very overweight). We get a little extra bulk in the form of carrots, celery, and cooked kale.

Jennie has some dry eye and needs OTC once a day in her left eye. Martin has a little arthritis so we both take Omega 3 oil. Jenny is mostly deaf and Martin is more so. We both have CLEAR HEARTS!

We get along great with our four foster siblings Cavaliers (even with our former family cat). We love going for short walks and we do not dawdle! Cuddling is a favorite too, and we especially like a nice lap lay our head.

There have been no accidents in the house and Martin is slowly getting used to the doggie door. Jennie will give a little whine when she wants to go out. At night we sleep in our dog beds. We enjoy a fluffy blanket to scrunch up.

We are very adaptable and look forward to getting to our furever home soon!

We would love to be your furever pals!

If you are interested or have questions, email:

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