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Meet Chance!! Are you his forever home? Adorable boy in Virginia!

Hi. My name is Chance. My foster mom said I should tell you a little about myself. I am 7-8 years old. After 5 years, who counts the years anymore?

Before coming to my foster family, I was the main man on campus. I got to be with all the ladies (female dogs) at my apartment (crate). My foster mom said that I did my job so well that I am now retired and can just be ‘friends’ with all the ladies now. Who knew you could just be friends with the ladies?

I was so busy with the ladies that I didn’t leave my apartment, so my legs are a little weak. I am working on building those muscles by chasing my foster dog sisters around the back yard. My foster dad has to carry me up and down the stairs but since being here, I can now go up 3-4 stairs and have even learned to come in the doggy door. I am still working on going down stairs. And even though my foster mom keeps telling me that I can also go out the doggy door, I figure, why when she will open the door for me.

Before coming to my foster family, I didn’t realize humans could be so kind. I am learning to trust them. Sudden movements scare me so I am looking for a calm home. I can’t believe how amazing humans can be. I now follow my foster mom everywhere. I have to be careful that she doesn’t step on me because I am always next to her. I didn’t realize how good touch (petting) could feel. I love sitting on her lap now which I never knew you could do.

My foster mom is trying to potty train me now. She said that since I just had surgery (neuter) I won’t feel like I have to mark everything as mine so the other boy dogs won’t want them. I’m pretty good about going outside to potty but every now and then, I feel like I want the other males to know what’s mine. It is getting better though.

I am little but I am mighty! I am gaining weight. My foster mom didn’t think my ribs should be showing so she gives me lots of food and treats. She laughs when I do my ‘happy dance’ when I see the food. My foster sisters have taught me how to line up beside my foster dad for treats.

My ears were so itchy when I came but the doctor cleaned them and put some medicine in them. They feel so much better now. We think it may be an allergy so I am trying some new food. I love eating so I don’t care what it is. The doctor also gave me a medicine that I can have once a month that completely stops the itching. Wow, I wish I would have known about that years ago.

My heart goes ‘pitter patter’ really loud. You can feel it if you put your hand on my chest. The doctor says I have something called a grade 4 murmur but he was excited that it wasn’t very enlarged so I don’t need any medicine, yet. I’m not sure what that all means but my foster mom says not to worry that it just means that my heart is so full of love that it is bursting out. She also mentioned that once I get to a good weight, iit will be very important to my heart that I not get overweight.

Although my foster family lets me run around the house whenever I like, sometimes I prefer to be in my apartment (crate) so they keep the door open all day. I prefer to sleep there at night and when my family goes somewhere during the day. It’s like my ‘safe place’.

My foster mom tells me that I deserve nothing but happiness, hugs and kisses the rest of my life. I have so much love to give and can’t wait to keep your lap warm these coming chilly days. If you are interested in giving me a new home, then please Email us for an adoption application at or to ask more questions.

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