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Meet Charlie!! A gorgeous ruby boy!!

Charlie is an affable and stunning five-year-old Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel weighing in at 17 pounds, and is ready for his forever family!

Charlie came from a puppy mill and is learning how to be a dog in a home. He can be timid and hand-shy but once he warms up. He will venture out and come over for a pet..If you want a cuddle bug right off the bat. Charlie is not the pup for you.

Charlie is 90 percent house-trained and needs that extra time since his recent neuter to be completely house-trained. He does wear belly bands in the house and does sit by the door and rings the bell to go out. He is a quick learner!

Charlie has been very good with every dog he has met large and small. He has been introduced to two cats. He was very curious about what that creature was! Yes! He can live with a kitty!

Charlie has been introduced to smaller children. He spent several days with his foster mom’s younger grandchildren and he was curious but they were too loud and fast for him and he would retreat to his crate where he would observe them. Charlie will do fine with older mature children aged ten (10) and older that will respect his space and boundaries.

Charlie needs a home where his new family will be patient with him while he continues to learn to live in the home. He does very well with another dog in the home that he can follow around and learn the ropes and play with. It is not necessary that another dog be in the home but it would be nice.

Charlie walks nicely on the leash and gets nervous around new noises and situations. If he were to get loose. He will run. A secure fenced-in yard is best for Charlie. He loves to lay outside in the shade and just be.

Charlie loves his squeaky toys and will play with them with exuberance! He does bark at them when playing. He also barks at other dogs on the TV but will settle if asked to quiet down. He is a very good listener!

Coming from the puppy mill. Charlie does not have much training and he truly needs a family that will take their time with him as he is timid about meeting new people. It takes him a couple of days to venture out and explore. He has come a long way and will continue to thrive with the right family that will let him come to them on his terms. He is a lovely pup and truly wants to be with his humans. He will continue to grow and his foster mom knows he is going to be an absolutely fabulous dog once he gains confidence and has slow introductions to all those new things out in the world.

Charlie would love to have his own humans to call his own!

Charlie is being fostered in North Carolina. If you are interested, please contact us at and request an adoption application.

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