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Meet the Fab Five!!

The Fab Five, coming from a puppy mill in Ohio are: Prescott, a precious Ruby boy puppy (DOB 2/8/23); Jameson, a precocious Tri boy puppy (DOB 1/29/23); Pierce, a velcro big boy Blenheim (DOB 9/6/22); Ariel, a 4 time 4 year old Blenheim mill mama (DOB 6/6/19) and Maya, a very shy, but energetic 1 1/2 year old Tri girl (DOB 2/21/23)

They are settling in very well from their long trip to Virginia from Ohio. It is such a joy to see them go from shaking and shivering to playing with toys and wanting human attention. Maya is the most wary of humans in the group and she has chosen Pierce as her companion.

They are being vetted on Wednesday and we will update everyone on their progress and when they will be available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of the Fab Five, please email for an application. We are also looking for foster families here in VA and the surrounding states. We need help with transportation as well.

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