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Say hello to Nino....he is ready for his forever home.

Nino has been with his foster family for about a month. He has lost some weight and is down to 25 pounds. He continues to settle in and show us more of his sweet personality each day. He's generally very calm and likes to rest near humans and other dogs, but keeps a respectful distance, sometimes choosing to be partially hidden under or near chairs. When he is outside, he is more active, taking a quick stroll to sniff the perimeter of the yard. He doesn't stay out more than a few minutes at a time, preferring indoors to outdoors. His favorite activity is watching things outside, he LOVES looking out the front door and spends hours there when allowed. He gives a couple barks to warn the household of passing pedestrians, dog walkers, cars, and wildlife. Generally, he is a calm, quiet dog. He doesn't use dog beds and has only occasionally jumped up on furniture. During the day, he prefers a cooler surface such as tile or linoleum and at night, he sleeps alongside the bed.

He enjoys the attention of being pet and especially having his belly and ears scratched. He does not enjoy being brushed and will growl at a brush when it comes near. Nino was surrendered to some degree due to resource guarding, he loves to find an item he shouldn’t have (such as a shoe, glasses, or a door stop) and sit with it, if anyone tries to take it, he will growl. Ignoring the item and distracting Nino with another activity such as going outside or by giving a treat seems to be helping. His foster family is working on these behaviors and seeing improvement.

Nino enjoys daily walks but likes to wander and take his time to get deep sniffs at a slow pace. He sometimes needs to be cajoled into moving on and tires out after short distances in the neighborhood (as little as 1/4 mile). He gets very excited for more exotic walks at local parks, especially if there is water such as a lake or stream to sniff nearby. He is curious about and enjoys meeting strangers (men, women and children all alike, no fear for any category) as well as other dogs and is friendly to them. He has been to a dog park and gotten along well with the other dogs. He doesn’t play much with the other dogs, but will wander around the park and interact with them. At home, he enjoys chasing a tennis ball,

but is still learning how to fetch. He knows the commands of “sit”, “lie down”, and is getting better with “come”.

Nino LOVES cars! He'll give them all of his attention as they pass by on the street or when viewing them from the front door. On walks, he pauses at car doors in the driveway, volunteering to be lifted in for a ride. He enjoys looking out the window while riding in the car.

Foster home type: Quiet and calm

How many people/pets live in your home: 2 adults, no kids, 2 permanent senior dogs

How long is your Foster left alone: 2-3 hours at a time, 2-3 times per week, confined in a crate. No barking or issues with crating but must be lured in with treats.

Where does your Foster dog not like to be touched? Prolonged contact with legs, feet and ears can provoke him but mostly tolerates pets anywhere. Does not like to be brushed but making progress with treats.

How does your Foster play? Chasing toys/half-fetching (no return). No other forms of play have been observed.

Is your Foster frightened of anything? No. Very observant and often barks at sights/sounds outside of the house (birds & squirrels, pedestrians & other dogs, cars, etc) but not afraid.

Where does your Foster sleep at night? Floor beside the bed. Has occasionally climbed into bed (once or twice in ~month-long foster).

Housebroken? Yes, stands by the door to be let out.

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