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Update on the Fab Five!

As promised, the Fab Five had their vet visits yesterday and all are healthy!! No heart issues for anyone, Ariel has a minor patella issue that our vet has recommended to keep track of, but no medical intervention is needed.

Prescott and Jameson have been adopted to the Leiner family in Glen Allen, VA. Our goodbye to them was emotional, but they were so excited about their new family, they never looked back. That's just what we want in rescue--the right fit for the dogs. Here is a picture of Libby with Prescott and Jameson.

Pierce will be neutered in the next few weeks and will be ready to go home with a lucky family. Pierce is the ultimate velcro dog. He loves to be at your feet, next to you on the couch and laying next to you in bed. He knows commands and we are still working to improve potty skills. He weighed in at 21 pounds and is in perfect body condition. He is a bigger Cavalier boy. Here is a picture of Pierce:

Maya is going to be in foster care for a little while longer as she is terrified of humans. We can't imagine what she experienced in her short 1 and half years on this earth, but we are committed to working with her to be the best dog she can be. Here is a picture of Maya:

Ariel is also terrified of people and we are working on getting her to come out of her crate. She is 4 years and we have no idea how many litters she has had. She will be in foster care for a while as well. Here is a picture of Ariel:

As always, donations are welcome to help us keep on rescuing these babies and to afford their care. If you'd like to send a donation, our address is 2422 Bridgewater Drive, Maidens, VA 23102. Your donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in Pierce, please email us at to request an adoption application.

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