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Updates on the Fab Five and other fosters

We have been very busy here at Cavalier Rescue Coalition and we have some wonderful news to share about some of our fosters!

The three boys Prescott, Jameson, and Pierce from the Fab Five have all been adopted.

Pierce is living his best life in North Carolina with his new parents and sister and has decided that "Dad" is his Velcro person!

Prescott and Jameson won the lottery with their new family here in Glen Allen, VA as they were adopted together and have two teenage daughters who dote on them!

Ariel and Maya are still in foster care and will be posted when they are ready to be adopted. They were much more traumatized from their time in the puppy mill.

Willow has been adopted by a lovely couple in New Jersey who are just in love with her!

Charlie has been adopted by a lovely family in North Carolina and his adventures are just beginning!

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This is a great post! It is so important for folks to see the results of their love, commitment, and support.

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