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We can't believe we haven't received any interest in Lily!

Lily is a former mill mama that is still scared of most things. She needs a home--with or without another dog--that can focus on her transition to the "good life". She has been in foster care since January and has made progress and loves the other dogs in the household. However, she still won’t let anyone come up and pet her or hold her inside the house. The trauma that Lily has endured is unimaginable and she needs the right home to help continue her transition from mill dog to treasured pup.

Lily also needs to be leash trained as well.

Medically, Lily has a grade 2 murmur and grade 2 and 3 patellas. Our vet has not recommended further medical intervention on the patellas or the murmur. They just need to be watched for future issues.

Because of Lily's needs, we will only be considering experienced homes for her without young children. If you are a first-time dog adopter, Lily is not the right fit for you.

Are you the right person for Lily? Please contact us at and ask for an application.

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1 Comment

Aug 28, 2023

Is this Tegan standing to to the side of Lily? That breeding mill must have been atrocious. Tegan's little heart and soul are healing, though she does still has some trust and confidence issues sometimes. Thank you again and again for bringing Tegan into our lives. Marco, her dashound brother, and I are head over heals in love with our sweet little girl.

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